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May 10

Loading 2021 maps to Garmin 660

  • Created: 10 May 2021

Garmin have been up to there old tricks and effectively trying to make older models useless despite saying that the units are LM or lifetime mapping. They have effectively increased the map details to such a point that when you try and load it, the 660 says you have insufficient memory. It does allow you to download areas of Europe, but these are only small, so say you pick France , you cant get Germany or any other country etc etc. not much use if you are taking a trip across Europe. We are not experts so if anyone has a better fix then please let us know, but this is what Michel L'Hours has come up with. Note: I also have a 590 and the maps went straight in no problem.

Nov 12

2021 Tour Season

  • Created: 12 Nov 2020

Well what a year 2020 was, or rather was not, as we were unable to do a single tour this year. Lets hope for better in 2021.

Sep 13

Poland 2019

  • Created: 13 Sep 2019

The Poland tour was new to us and was very much billed as a historic tour more than one with great roads and scenery.

Aug 30

Killarney & SW Ireland 2019

  • Created: 30 Aug 2019

Many thanks to Alison for her blog on their tour to Ireland, here is what she has to say.

Aug 26

Grand Alps 2019

  • Created: 26 Aug 2019

The Grand Alps tour was the opportunity to visit somewhere that we had done a recon on many years ago, and we were not disappointed.

Jul 11

Tour of Spain 2019

  • Created: 11 Jul 2019

Having never ridden as far south as AndalucĂ­a previously this is one tour I was really looking forward to.

Jul 11

Outer Hebrides 2019

  • Created: 11 Jul 2019

Thanks to Roy and Alison for once again running a great Scottish Tour - I am pleased to say that this year the tour was blessed with some pretty good weather - here is what she has to say.

May 31

Colorado 2020

  • Created: 31 May 2019

A 3000 mile 16 day motorcycle tour of the roads and National Parks of Northern Arizona, Utah and Colorado

May 31

Antrim, Donegal and NW200 2019

  • Created: 31 May 2019

Apologies for been a little late in putting the blog on the website but I have been a little snowed under since returning from the USA. Having looked at the photos in the gallery and talked to Roy and Alison it seems it was another successful tour to Northern Ireland. They had a pretty good week weather wise (ok not as good as 2018) but it was only spoilt by a wet day on Saturday race day, fortunately they got to see some good racing on the Thursday night. Anyway I will leave Alison to tell you how they got on.

Feb 21

Phil McCarthy

  • Created: 21 Feb 2019

Just had a lovely letter from Phil McCarthy thanking us for all the tours he has enjoyed over the years, he continues to ride locally, but has now decided to hang up his leathers on the touring side. Phil was one of our very first customers when we started in 1996 and we actually ran a tour with just the two of us. Phil very much kept in the background but we have trawled back through our pictures to find a few of him and his distinctive bright yellow bike. (see our Facebook page) We wish him all the best and hope he continues to enjoy his biking for many more years to come.

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