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Feb 21

Phil McCarthy

  • Created: 21 Feb 2019

Just had a lovely letter from Phil McCarthy thanking us for all the tours he has enjoyed over the years, he continues to ride locally, but has now decided to hang up his leathers on the touring side. Phil was one of our very first customers when we started in 1996 and we actually ran a tour with just the two of us. Phil very much kept in the background but we have trawled back through our pictures to find a few of him and his distinctive bright yellow bike. (see our Facebook page) We wish him all the best and hope he continues to enjoy his biking for many more years to come.

Dec 18

Best Motorcycle Touring Bikes

  • Created: 18 Dec 2018

We get lots of requests for advice regarding the best touring bike. Of course the stock answer is the one you are riding! Yes this is rather an over simplification, but the answer is used to encourage you to get out there and tour regardless of what bike you are riding. This is purely my personal opinion, but I think there are several factors that I think you should take into consideration.

Dec 18

Emission Zones - will they affect you?

  • Created: 18 Dec 2018

There is no doubt with the recent COP24 Climate Conference in Poland and the government’s announcement today regarding better recycling of waste that climate control and the causes of it are very much on peoples mind.

Sep 26

Portugal and Spain 2018

  • Created: 26 Sep 2018

I have to admit Spain and Portugal are two of my favourite destinations and once again this year’s tour did not disappoint.

Sep 07

Croatia, Slovenia & Italy 2018

  • Created: 07 Sep 2018

This is a tour we have done for several years in a row, but one I always enjoy.

Aug 19

Tour of Ireland 2018

  • Created: 19 Aug 2018

Well I guess my predictions of a good summer did not quite extend to Ireland

Aug 11

Norway 2018

  • Created: 11 Aug 2018

Well I would be lying if I said I was looking forward to the journey to Norway, since the Esberg ferry stopped a couple of years ago it’s a long ride across Holland, Germany and Denmark to the ferry across to Norway.

Jul 29

NW500 2018

  • Created: 29 Jul 2018

Had a brilliant tour to the Scottish Highlands with a few new hotels to add to our list of ‘fabulous’!!

Jul 25

Dolomites & Alps 2018

  • Created: 25 Jul 2018

Quite a crowd for this tour as the Dolomite's and Alps are always a popular destination

Jul 15

Gorges, Beach and Mountains 2018

  • Created: 15 Jul 2018

Yes another great tour to the gorges of France, Costa Brava and Pyrenees

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