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White Rose Tours specialise in full european, weekend and short break UK motorcycle touring holidays.

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About Us

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Welcome to White Rose Tours.

White Rose Tours was established in 1996 by David Galloway, on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales and named after the emblem of Yorkshire. In 2012, Roy and Alison Adams joined as guides for some of our UK tours and have been a regular part of our team. As of 2024, we (Chris & Sharan McIntyre) have taken over for David as new owners.

The areas covered by our tours have gradually expanded until we now cover all the major motorcycling areas across the UK and Europe. Our destinations vary yearly, and we offer a combination of weekend, short break and longer tours. We were one of the first companies to offer a range of tours, both Guided and Escorted.

Our Guided tours are mainly in the UK. These are led by an experienced guide and, using a simple 'drop off' marker system, allow you to ride at your own pace, without needing maps or notes.  Allowing for a great introduction to motorcycle touring holidays.

Our European tours are mainly escorted, which means that whilst there will be a guide, but you are responsible for your own navigation. A Tour Pack of information is supplied, which includes the relevant maps, route directions and GPX waypoints for you to find your destination. These tours suit many people, as it allows them to ride at their own pace and style, either alone, or part of a group.

On certain tours we offer the choice to use the Hull-Rotterdam ferry (Northern Crossing) or Eurotunnel (Southern Crossing). Whichever route you take, we will all meet-up in time for a drink and get-to-know-you session with your fellow riders and Guides, before sitting down to an evening meal. Departures will be priced individually, and as usual, anyone wishing to make their own arrangements should contact us and we will adjust the costs accordingly.

We provide competitive prices and maintain the high standards that customers have come to expect. We constantly monitor the accommodation we use and receive many complimentary comments from our customers. All the accommodation we use is of 3 star standard or better, and has been chosen for their position, being bike friendly and receiving top reviews.

Over the years we have stayed loyal to our original concept, mainly that our tours are just that, “tours”. We do not travel at high speeds and while keeping daily mileages reasonable we believe tours are holidays, not marathons. There are opportunities for riders to exploit their machines’ capabilities. From the comments we receive and with over 80% of our customers returning, we provide the quality you expect whilst including the personal touches to make your holiday more than just a destination but an experience to remember.

We look forward to riding with you.

Chris & Sharan