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2024.....so far

Created: 07 Jul 2024
Jul 07

New season, new experiences.....

Hi All, 

Me here (Sharan) taking over the blog.... This year we've still enlisted the assistance of Roy & Alison along with Dave & John, to help us find out and we're taking every advantage of all the experiences they can offer us.  So our first season is well underway now with a rather unorthodox start in Feb with our GPX workshop - who'd have thought the weather would close in like it did? With some unable to get to the hotel due to road closures and temporary power outtage at the hotel before John's presentation was about to start. It did seem that we were hitting a few stumbling blocks, but we are glad to say that meeeting up with everyone (some known before and some new faces) it helped immensely and we could relax into it.  On a personal level we didn't get away unscathed but we were so glad the weekend went well for all involved and it is certainly was a memorable start to our White Rose Legacy.

Onwards to first riding tour of the seaon, (a favourite for many and a great introduction to touring) our Antrim, Donegal and NW200 races tour. Roy and Alison were fantastic and the weather was just the icing on the cake. We had glorious weather for the whole tour, perfect for riding and observing the races. With great company and fantastic food at the hotels we couldn't have planned it better. The races themselves reported the best turnout in its history, and we expect this just to build year on year so it'll definatley be added to our touring calendar in future.

As fast as Chris returned home it seemed like no time at all before he was packing up the bike again to make his way to Portsmouth for our first European tour of 2024, the Spanish Pyrennes. Luck certainly seemed to be on our side as for the entire trip the rain clouds were ahead of the group meaning the places visited were a little damp but sunny whilst we visited. Stunning scenery and challenging routes this tour was aimed for riders with more experience on the continent. Certainly for us as our first visit to Spain glad to say it hasn't disapointed and the photos don't do it justice. Certainly glad to hear that mishaps didn't dampen anyones spirits and its left everyone with a story to tell.

Not long before we head back to Europe for the Italian Alps & Dolomites tour, looking forward to more adventures with everyone and as always we look forward to riding with you.



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