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Oct 31

2015 Tours

  • Created: 31 Oct 2014

I am pleased to advice that our 2015 tour schedule is now complete and can be viewed on our tours page. I hope you find something to interest you.

Oct 07

Lakes & Dales 2014

  • Created: 07 Oct 2014

Last weekend saw our tour season draw to a close.

Oct 07

Spain & Portugal 2014

  • Created: 07 Oct 2014

We enjoyed a good run down to Plymouth where we boarded the Brittany ferry for Spain. It was a smooth crossing, only having to endure a quiz, Bingo and some dodgy singing in the bar before arriving in Santander. Once away from the port we made good progress to our first overnight stop south of Palencia. Here the group was complete as we met up with a few customers who had crossed overland or lived in Spain.

Oct 05

W.Scotland & Skye

  • Created: 05 Oct 2014

Blue skies, sunshine and views as far as the eye could see.

Sep 12

What do you do if you become ill?

  • Created: 12 Sep 2014

Someone asked me earlier this year ‘What do you do if you become ill” to which I replied I don’t know it has never happened.

Sep 12

Italy & Slovenia

  • Created: 12 Sep 2014

Well I guess I am in danger of turning this blog into a weather feature (everyone who knows me, knows how obsessed I can be about it), so for our Italy and Slovenia tour I shall just say it could have been better, but it could have been a lot worse!

Sep 12

Tour of Ireland

  • Created: 12 Sep 2014

Once again a very busy time of the year for us so I am a little behind with my blog. Since I last wrote we have done our Tour of Ireland and Italy & Slovenia tours.

Aug 06

Dales, Lakes and Mountains

  • Created: 06 Aug 2014

Good to get back into the Dales even if the weather was not the best.

Aug 01

Austria & Swiss Alps

  • Created: 01 Aug 2014

Always a favourite with our customers the tour had quite a mixture of weather to contend with.

Jul 18

Harz Mountains

  • Created: 18 Jul 2014

Our tour to the Harz started unusually on a Sunday, I confess to purposely doing this so I could be at home for the Grand Depart of the Tour de France. Being on our doorstep we were able to watch most of it on the TV before rushing out to the road side to see the live action. (I have never seen police riders do high 5,s before!) I was really delighted that the weather was so good and showed the world just how beautiful the Yorkshire Dales are. If Cavendish could have stayed upright, the day would have been perfect…..

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