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2018 Tour season

Created: 24 Oct 2017
Oct 24

This blog is in the way of an apology to our regular customers to whom we email first advising them that the next years tour dates are on the website.

We regret that due to a software problem this did not happen this year. Fortunately those who monitor Facebook or check our website on a regular basis were aware of the changes and have been able to book the tour of their choice. As I write we still have plenty of vacancies and I hope you can get the tour you want, but I am aware that some riders wanting single rooms may have missed out.

To avoid a reoccurrence of this we are overhauling our booking / database / email system and will send out a news bulletin once it is in place.

In some ways this overhaul has come at a good time as new regulations come into effect 25th May 2018. I am not going to get into the ins and outs of the new laws, but basically these regulations will mean companies will have to explicitly ask permission to send someone email marketing. You must opt in. It’s no longer ok to assume we have permission and its not ok to pre-tick a box which people have to untick. Those things might have been allowed in the past, but not any more. 

If like me you get fed up of such marketing then I think it is a good idea, but of course we too must conform, so in future will need to ask you the customer if you want us to contact you regarding anything to do with our tours.  

If you have already toured with us, then this is not necessarily - however, if you no longer wish us to contact you, then of course you should email is and we will remove you from our database.

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