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Rhine Valley & Black Forest 2017

Created: 20 Aug 2017
Aug 20

Germany – a land of Umleitungs

Well if you read my last blog you will have remembered that I mentioned the odd Umleitung (diversion) whilst in Germany. Well I am now convinced that Germany has a road system that consists of just detours…. Well that certainly seemed like the case on our recent Rhine Valley and Black Forest Tour.

Having left Zeebrugge we made our way to our first nights stop near Troyes. With the weather forecast set fair, the following day we had a lovely ride through the French countryside over the Vosges Mountains and across the Rhine to our first destination, Titisee in the Black Forest.  It really was one of those days when the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and riding your bike through the countryside just makes one feel all is well in the world.

The following day was a rest day; a few of us set off to the Rheinfalls, whilst others boated on the lake, went walking or just chilled out. Drew, one of our members waved down a passing tractor and in international farmers language persuaded him to let him climb aboard and help get in the hay, seems once a farmer always a farmer ….

On departure, we were spared any diversions and had an enjoyable ride up through the Black Forest along the B500 – slightly different than the last time I was along there a couple of weeks ago when low cloud and rain spoilt the journey.  To be honest the B500 days have gone with much of it having a 70km speed limit – there is many other less well known roads to be enjoyed.

Seems I spoke too soon regarding diversions, and on arrival in Boppard just 200 yards from the hotel, yes you guessed it another diversion. Now Boppard is not the easiest place to find your way around at the best of times, fortunately having been there many times before, I finally managed to get us to the hotel back door where the staff ushered us through the kitchens to the reception.   

The next two days were again free days; I and a few others rode to Bernkastel, whilst I think the majority took to the water for a cruise down the river.  A great time was had by all and judging by the red faces a few caught a bit more sun than they expected.

Our final day saw us visit the Nurburgring, there has been a lot of development there since I was last there (but then it has been some years) so much so that I hardly recognised it, however, the old circuit was unchanged and although was not open to the public we were able to watch a few loons in Porches take to the track.

Next was a visit to our favourite bike museum, bigger than ever, although seems to be constantly changing as some of our previous favourites had gone whilst other new ones had arrived.

Seems the weather gods decided we had more than our fair share of good weather and on the way back to the hotel we rode through one of the heaviest rain storms I have been in for quite a while…….

Fortunately the next day arrived bright and sunny for our return back to Rotterdam with just a brief thunder shower and of course a final Umleitung to send us on our way.


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